Electronic Laboratory Notebook 

 YU-NOTE                                                                                                                                                                            Ask for a demo

Get rid of old-fashioned physical notebooks that needed to be securely stored and archived ! With Yu-Note, the precious knowledge of an organization is fully digital, is secured and always accessible.

Yu-Note is intuitive and easy. As former researchers, our goal is to provide our customers with the tools to easily share and store their experimentation history and keep on with their good laboratory notebook practices.

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 'Word'-like written interface

 Create or paste tables

 Link files related to your experiments 

 Choose participants and share experiments with your colleagues

 Attached protocols (SOPs) which have been used 

 Link materials and equipment used

 Status bar for immediate visualization of experiment status 

 Share experiment templates. 

 Easy to find experiments: table view and filters by experimenter, project, date, status etc

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Secured data

 To secure your intellectual property, experiments can be signed with electronic signature and timestamped. 
 Follow signature process 

 Choose writing and reading rights.
 Provide comments / feedback on a colleague’s  experiment

 Trace actions thanks to an audit trail which record processes step by step.

 Export and print at any time the PDF report of your experiments.

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Yu-Note is designed for  life sciences companies looking for a simple, intuitive and scalable solution. Simple and intuitive to write experiment reports and share them with colleagues on a secure database. Scalable, to follow and support clients' needs and developments.

Protein modules

Register protein sequence, track expression hosts and protein production. Perform antibody selection.

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Molecular Biology

Register plasmid map, perform in   silico cloning, track batches and              Sanger sequencing analysis.              

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Project Management

      Monitor project timelines in real                             time.                                                                                                        

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     Register and track home made              batches, vials and stock of                         consumables.                           

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