About Yumatix

Yumatix is a complete web-based platform for life science research, from molecular biology to protein production and analysis. The solution relies on a relational database shared within an organization, where all team members can contribute with their data. The software facilitates design, tracking, inventory and reporting on all the important components of research projects: plasmids, proteins, cell lines, and many more.

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Unlike some solutions that are installed on individual workstations and cause trouble when sharing data, Yumatix is a web-based solution. The software and database are accessible from any computer through a secure internet connection. All team members contribute to the same database, which facilitates information sharing and boosts real-time collaboration. Managers and project leaders can easily extract overviews of the work completed and in progress. Different user roles can be configured in terms of access rights to specific data and control over key steps of business workflows.



Many researchers use software that only partially cover their needs or still use paper format to design their constructs, plan their experiments and write reports on their data. Yumatix drives the team towards digitalization and increased security of all their research information. The database structure allows perfect organization of scientific data, which results in an improvement of data quality, facilitated long term storage and reduced data searching time.



Science is in constant and rapid evolution and Yumatix is built on a modular framework to maximize its capacity to keep up with future researchers needs. Yubsis team offers various customization services to further adapt the software to the specific needs and business flows of each organization.

User friendly

Unlike many LIMS that have a poorly attractive design, Yumatix is built on a user-friendly and intuitive framework, which enables users to quickly get familiar and enjoy the system. We aim at Yumatix becoming the « all-in-one » solution for our customers, encompassing several domains of their research activities with a unified user interface, which increases their efficiency in handling their scientific data.


Unlike some of the platforms where you may lose control over your data, Yubsis provides a specific and secured database for each customer and your data remains exclusively yours. Our services include standard hosting, which is ensured on physically localized servers in France. You have the right to take back all your data any time. Alternatively, our solution can be installed on your own servers, fully under your control and responsibility.   


Yumatix is much more than a repository database. It contains state-of-the-art built-in features. As an example, the plasmid design module is a top-level molecular biology software including features such as plasmid map automatic annotation and automated sequencing. This website contains several examples of our features and software screenshots to give a flavor, but the software can do a lot more !


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