Simple DNA sequence design and analysis



Use our molecular biology modules to register, design, plasmids, oligonucleotides, inserts and analyse your DNA sequence chromatogram.   

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Share your plasmids, inserts, oligonucleotides with colleagues and boost your team work. Every DNA elements can be registered in the database with their associated results: DNA concentration, purity, Sanger sequencing results, localization.  

Thanks to our molecular biology modules, DNA samples are easy to find and easy to work with, as every data is centralized in the same database. Work in a more serene environment using our solutions!  

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Molecular biology software for R&D scientists

 Sequence vi sualization of  circular and linear  DNA

 Customize view  : preferred set of enzymes, features, primers for PCR and sequencing, ORFs

 Import your plasmid in .gb format or copy/paste your DNA sequence

 Adapt origin, edit sequence (deletions, additions, substitutions) without errors

 Use automatic annotations :  specific sequences are automatically recognized as plasmid features

 Link plasmids  to project, and all derived products such as plasmid preps, glycerols stocks, cells, proteins, aliquots, etc.

Verify cloning process and avoid errors

 Cloning processes can be simulated to  avoid errors . Inserts may come from plasmid restriction, DNA synthesis, or PCR amplification.

 Available cloning options: classical ligation, infusion, yeast recombination, Golden Gate.

 Automatic creation  of the new plasmid molecule.

 Create a  preferred sets of enzymes  that can be used for several plasmids.

 Keep history  of your constructs

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Smart Sanger sequence analysis 

 Gather all your primers in the same tab and automatically find information such as melting temperature, GC content, length, molecular weight, and more.

 Find in one click  if you already have adequate primers in your lab. Yu-Clone helps you in the design of additional primers.

 Compare sequencing results to theoretical plasmid. Yu-Clone helps in the  identification of mismatches  and enables manual correction if necessary.

 Automatic filling of  'status of analysis' , depending on sequencing results (invalidated, partial, validated)

Easy synthetic biology software 

Yu-Golden Gate helps you work with MoClo toolkit standards, such as the classic MoClo tool kit, CIDAR MoClo parts, MoClo yeast tool kit, MoClo Plants tool kit and MoClo Pichia tool kit.  It also enables you to design your own standard, with the personalization of fusion sites and assembly models. Consistency of your standard  is verified automatically.

 Automatic identification of Golden Gate parts in your plasmid molecules

 Get in one click all the parts compatible with specific fusion sites and type-IIS restriction enzymes.

 Get in one click all  the compatible acceptor vectors. 

 Combinatorial in-silico cloning : Yu-Golden Gate verifies and creates all the plasmids molecules you desire in few clicks.

 Calculated volumes of each parts are ready to be sent to your favorite pipetting robot.

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The power of our Molecular Biology modules

is enhanced when used with other modules developed by Yubsis:


Electronic laboratory Notebook to register, organise, secure and share                               data.                           

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     Register and track home made              batches, vials and stock of                         consumables.                           

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Protein modules

Register protein sequence, track expression hosts and protein production. Perform antibody selection.

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Project Management

      Monitor project timelines in real                             time.                                                                                                        

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