Register all the proteins

Yu-Protein is a Biologics Registration system. It has advanced features for protein format description and analysis. They are especially useful for antibody sequence analysis, but apply to any Biologics, without limitation.

 Automatic protein translation and annotation

 New proteins are compared to existing ones to ensure uniqueness and a new Compound Number is attributed.

 Analysis of protein sequence is made according to the declared format. In the case of an antibody, the closest germline sequence is found and CDRs are identified based on the alignment.

 Relational database: Coding sequence is automatically deduced from your expression vector.



                          Track protein expression, purification and characterization

Consolidation of your protein production data

 Specify your expression system: bacterial, mammalian cell lines, yeast, hybridoma or recombinant hosts.

 Indicate  expression results (concentration of produced protein, volume, etc).

 Enter purification steps, buffer used, final concentration of protein batches, tag cleavage. 

  Share data within a group of scientists through a single database.

 Create aliquots and store them in various locations.


                          Antibody screening module

Organization of selection campaign

 Build your selection strategy as a tree ( see picture)

 Create a new selection arm direclty from the tree

 Enrichment factors are automatically calculated

 ELISA results: import absorbance in 96-well or 384 well-plate format from readers and store results in database.

 Create ELISA templates (choose specific place for controls)

 Visual display of positive clones

Creation of Hit-List: data-driven decision

 Monitor antibody selection campaign thanks to a automatically generated table

 Filters can be positioned to create a selection of antibodies of interest and store it as 'Hit-List'

 Create Hit-Lists at different stages of antibody selection process

 Re-array a Hit-List to secure the best clones in a new glycerol plate (before ELISA confirmation, re-sequencing, reformatting...)

 Reformat a 'Hit-List': antibody sequences are pasted in another vector to convert them to a therapeutically relevant format.

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