How to manage scientific projects effectively?

In research labs it is not rare to face difficulties in tracking results in real time and centralizing data. With the right tools, it becomes really easy to find information and plan new experiments or projects, taking into account all previous data. 

Planning experiments, actions and monitoring in real time every step of projects are critical in science. This is why having a good project management software is essential. Yu-Project, developed by YUBSIS allows you to create projects, design Gantt' chart, monitor steps and tasks status, deadlines, budgets etc. It helps you assemble a competent team and centralize every information (experiments, samples, plasmids, cells, protein, antibody campaign etc) related to a specific project. 

For more administrative tasks, Yubsis can install an add-on to Yu-Project, configured to send e-mails when a task needs to be done (send a quote, bills, specifications etc).

To monitor the budget, Yu-Store has the capacity to calculate for you the stock value of all purchased product. This module can also track the use of consumables to allocate the expenses to the right project. In addition, our software can help you track the time your collaborators spent on each project to provide robust data to support your CIR file (french research tax credit system). 

In laboratories, the use of consumables or samples can be difficult to track and you might unexpectedly find a stock empty! With Yu-Store, the stocks of your products is monitored: every usage is tracked, the quantities in stocks are monitored and alerts can be send when minimal quantity or expiration date is reached. 

Access data and information in real time and from anywhere to be able to make decision with all the recent data in mind. With a relational database such as the one developed by YUBSIS, teams are interconnected to be able to easily communicate on difficulties, delay or change in the initial program. Our modules are flexible: they can adapt to new information, challenges and cope with unforeseen changes.  

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