Why switch from a paper lab notebook to an electronic lab notebook?

Get rid of old-fashioned physical laboratory notebooks! To improve team efficiency and well-being, choose to work with an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). This article gives you 7 reasons to move to an ELN. 

Reason 1: Accessibility and easy sharing: Data can be easily consulted and shared between collaborators or teams, even remotely.

Reason 2: Improved organization: Experimental information can be efficiently structured and organized using search and categorization functions.

Reason 3: Time saving : Experiments can be easily tagged or documented with keywords, so that it is easy to search for and find information such as experimental conditions, results etc. ELN can be fully integrated with other solutions, such as sample management systems, LIMS, to avoid writing the same information twice

Reason 4: Data backup and security: The data are backed-up electronically, reducing the risk of loss or damage compared with traditional lab notebooks.

Reason 5: Varied media integration: The ability to include images, videos and other types of multimedia data enriches experimental recordings.

Reason 6: Traceability and reproducibility: It enables the history of experiments to be tracked, facilitating reproducibility of results and verification of methodologies.

Reason 7: Real-time collaboration: Collaboration between several researchers or teams is facilitated, as several people can work simultaneously on the same document.

Yu-Note, the electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) developed by Yubsis is intuitive and easy.  As former researchers, our goal is to provide our customers with the tools to easily share and store their experimentation history and keep on with their good laboratory practices. With Yu-Note, the precious knowledge of an organization is fully digital, secured and always accessible. Yu-Note is fully integrated with many other modules, to be chosen depending on your needs: sample management system (Yu-Store), molecular biology tools, Protein tools etc.

Why choose YUBSIS?